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Problematic Tenants

How to Deal with Problematic Tenants

05th Oct 2020 | Sell Your House

In the property management business, dealing with problematic tenants is inevitable. Sometimes, even after scrutiny, you end up with troublemaking tenants. If you are a property owner, here’s what you can do.

Tenants Who’re Always Late on Payments

From temporary unemployment to dealing with cash flow shortages, there could be several reasons for tenants to be behind on rent. Tenants need to communicate such issues to you, giving you enough time to develop alternative solutions. For example, you can structure payment options to accept partial payments for an agreed-upon time. Some property owners collect the prorated fee and delinquent rent for the remaining period of the lease. Partial weekly payments are also acceptable. And if they cannot afford these plans, consider moving them to a smaller, lower-cost unit.

Tenants Who Have No Regard for the Property

While general wear and tear is expected, some tenants take things to an extreme. Make sure you take photos of the property so that there’s sufficient evidence if you have to claim the damage deposit. Carry regular inspection and make sure any damage is brought to the tenant’s notice immediately. Make a request in writing, asking them to address it. If they do not do so, get your maintenance team to make the repairs and send the tenant the bill.

Evicting a Tenant

Evicting a problematic tenant is not easy because of the complex law governing evictions. You can either speak to an eviction attorney to deal with the issue or sell your house to cash home buyers in Houston. We buy houses in Houston, irrespective of location and condition. Our team will handle all other issues, including getting rid of problematic tenants and managing the junk they leave behind.

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