The Best Places in Texas to Live Just Outside Dallas

The Best Places in Texas to Live Just Outside Dallas

27th Jun 2020 | Places To Live

Do you look forward to moving to Dallas, TX? Are you in one of the houses in Dallas but want to move to one of its suburbs? Well, these are options that many people out there would want to consider. There are many areas around Texas where you can live and enjoy with your family.

Understandably, not all people would want to live in the city. People appreciate being in n environment that highlights a blend of a city’s bustle and an upcountry’s serenity. Besides, suburbs pride themselves on more space and a sensible cost of living. Did you know that children who grow up in the suburbs attain independence much sooner?

In this regard, it would be valuable to explore the various options that people have at hand. Dallas prides itself on some of the best suburbs. Taking a closer look at each of the best would play a central role in your decision-making. They will always include the following.

· Frisco

In the wake of diminishing generosity among people, getting a place where there is a sense of community would come in handy. Frisco would be the best option for anyone looking for such attributes. Well, this suburb is the home to both family-friendliness and enhanced personal growth.

Most big corporations are now moving to this area. Did you know that this place hosts the National Videogame Museum and Dallas Cowboys’

Besides that, there has been increasing growth in the number of people moving here. Between 2000 and 2014, the growth stood at over 300%. Perhaps, it is for this reason that it has become a popular suburb for first-time homebuyers.

The homes for sale here are relatively affordable too. The median cost of houses here is about $404000. Studies in 2017 indicated that this part of the city was one of the most active in the real estate industry.

· Highland Park

Well, sometimes, all you would want when moving to a new place is a low poverty index. Highland guarantees you of this aspect, with a 2.7% poverty rate. While at it, you will be sure of a mean income of over $207000 and a meager 2.3% unemployment rate.

Ideally, this suburb would be best for those who are relatively affluent. It boasts of a population of around 9200 people. With this small population, you will be confident of enhanced security in the region.

Here, the average cost of a house is approximately $1440000. If you want to rent an apartment, the median cost would be about $2686.

Well, are you a fan of nightlife and outdoor activities? There can never be a better option for you than this place. You will be sure of multiple coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even parks. Above all, families here tend to be relatively friendly and conservative too.

If you have school-going children, you will not regret choosing this suburb. It prides itself on some of the highly-rated schools.

· Farmers Branch

Access to Dallas could be a priority for many people. This suburb is not only close to the city but also relatively affordable. This place would be suitable for the young, preferably those within the average age of 36. It will also be ideal for young professionals.

It prides itself on a population of fewer than 36000 people. Interestingly, most people here tend to focus on improving the community. This way, you will be sure of an enhanced sense of community and togetherness here.

Most people own their houses in this suburb. The median cost of a house is $175000. On the other hand, if you were to rent, you would spend approximately $1329. These rates are not only affordable but also less straining. And did you know that its nightlife is exceptional?

The only problem with the place is its crime and safety standards. While they are relatively low, you will not be vulnerable to attacks.

· Southlake

Are you looking for enhanced safety? Southlake would be the right choice for you. This place prides itself on serenity, security, and a sense of community. It comes with a population of approximately 30500 people. While at it, you will get a rural feeling when living here.

Most people in this region boast of an income of about $231000. Did you know that the unemployment rate in this suburb is 3%, while the poverty index falls at 2.2%? It would also be ideal to mention that most people here are conservative.

Owning a house in this area is relatively out of reach for most people. Usually, you will spend an average of $656500 to get a house here. On the other hand, you will part with approximately $1445 if you choose a rented place.

The level of diversity in this community is unmatched. For this reason, you will not feel left out, regardless of where you come from.

Sadly, the schools here seem to be relatively crowded. Maybe, you will find it hard to own a house here too, primarily if you are hardly employed.

· Plano

You can hardly ignore how influential Plano has become in the recent past. Many companies, including Toyota and JC Penney, have chosen to invest here. This move goes to show just how valuable an investment hub it has become. For this reason, you will be confident of better job opportunities and career growth.

It comes with some of the most excellent shopping as well as dining places. This way, your nightlife, as well as outdoor experiences, will never be the same again. While at it, you will appreciate its level of diversity.

The average population in Plano is about 285000. The median cost of owning a house is approximately $291500. This figure is relatively lower compared to other homes for sale in Dallas. Further, if you are looking for a rented apartment, you will part with an average of $1300.

With these information at hand, you can never run out of options on where to live in Texas. Enjoy a cool serene home outside Dallas and live your dream.

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